Block Manager

Risk and Compliance Department manager
General management of the block's activities;
Planning of the block's activities, control of employees' performance;
Development, implementation, operation and support of the risk management system;
Development of risk management strategy;
Development and elaboration of methodological and internal regulatory framework of the risk management and compliance control system, including regulating risk management policy, methods and procedures and compliance control development program;
Improvement of methodology, updating of key risk indicators and risk level limitation limits;
Analyzing the Company's activities with regard to the efficiency of banking risk management, preparing and making proposals for its improvement;
Informing the Supervisory Board, Risk Management Committee and Executive Body on risk issues when making strategic decisions;
Providing proposals to the Supervisory Board, the Risk Management Committee and the Executive Body on the necessary measures to mitigate the impact of risks (by each type) on the financial position, capital and liquidity, including initiating the setting of risk limits and/or reviewing their values;
Provide summary and detailed risk reports in line with risk appetite;
Ensure implementation of processes, tools and systems to identify, measure, monitor and report risks;
Ensure processes, tools and systems are in place to identify, measure, monitor and report on risks;
Effective coordination between structural units on risk assessment and risk mitigation plans;
Organize the work of the risk unit in accordance with the directives of the Risk Committee;
Participation in the work of collegial management bodies within the limits of authority;
Planning and control of measures to improve risk management;
Managing the calculation and forecasting of provisions for credit risk losses (both under IFRS-9 and National standards).
Knowledge of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) anti-money laundering guidelines;
Management of key internal and external relationships.
Compliance controls, AML/CFT, anti-corruption, fraud prevention, protection of employee and third party rights;
Control over identification and assessment of risks of money laundering and financing of terrorism and financing of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, corruption, fraud and compliance risks;
Providing, when necessary, a report on doubtful and suspicious transactions and high-risk clients;
Immediately informing the Executive Management about violations of anti-money laundering, counter-terrorism financing and weapons of mass destruction proliferation legislation by the Company's employees in the course of operations;
Work with materials of inspections and investigations conducted by the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan and other controlling bodies.

Higher education (economic and/or mathematical)
At least 5 years of work experience in risk management, compliance control of banks.
Knowledge of banking and financial legislation of Uzbekistan;
Practical competencies in various aspects of SRM, ALM, lending, ICS.
Availability of professional certificates
Knowledge of the legislation of Uzbekistan on fight against corruption and fraud, normative acts of the Central Bank of RUz, as well as the legislation of RUz on the rights of bank clients;
Possession of sufficient knowledge of CPPS and their practical application in the bank's activities, requirements of Basel Committee on Compliance and compliance function of banks, recommendations on corporate governance of banks;
Possession of knowledge and skills in legislation and international standards on compliance and compliance function in banks, recommendations of the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering on anti-money laundering;
Possession of knowledge of accounting regulations;
Team management skills.
Leadership skills, outgoing personality
Excellent presentation skills
Fluency in English and Russian,
Computer literacy
Exceptional decency

Research and strategy Analyst

JSC Mortgage Refinancing Company of Uzbekistan


Required work experience: more than 6 years

Full time, full time


Reports to: Chief Operating Officer

About the company:

JSC Uzbek Mortgage Refinancing Company (UzMRC) is a non-bank financial institution, and its main purpose is to provide long-term funding to commercial banks through refinancing mortgage loan portfolios.

The mandate of the UzMRC is to promote and develop the mortgage market of Uzbekistan.


The Research and Strategy Analyst is responsible for conducting various market research and devising the development strategy of the Company in cooperation with all divisions.

Duties and responsibilities:

·         Perform mortgage market and housing market studies, reveal trends in it, and try to make forecasts through the prism of regional and world tendencies.

·         Perform research and studies on the banking sector and capital markets.

·         Prepare regular (and ad-hoc) reports and reviews based on these studies for publishing and internal use.

·         Perform research and analysis to develop various guidelines (for the sector, etc.), legislative and regulatory initiatives (draft laws), as well as to develop new products for the Company.

·         Conducting various studies at the request and in the interests of the company's divisions.

·         Research and analytical work in other areas in the interests of the company that does not contradict the law.

·         Develop and prepare reports for use of the Management/Supervisory Board.


Communication - Ability to listen, adapt, persuade, and transform.

Delivery - Ability to get things done while exercising good judgment.

Operational Efficiency - Ability to identify and execute opportunities to improve operational efficiency.

Problem-Solving - Accurately accumulating information and its analysis; forecasting potential problems and planning; allowing for alternative, creative solutions and identifying the most reasonable solutions.

Knowledge Management - Ability to capture, develop, share, and effectively use information and knowledge.

Work with big data - Ability to analyze big data in a short period and derive useful information from it.

Required Skills and Experience:

·         Degree in Banking/Economics/Finance or equivalent professional qualification.

·         More than 6 years of experience, and at least 3 years of working experience in a financial institution

·         Knowledge of analytical research. Knowledge of research approaches and methods of data collection and processing.

·         Knowledge of the analysis of large data arrays.

·         Capacity to make mortgage market (and other) studies and make forecasts through the prism of regional and world tendencies.

·         Basic knowledge of IFRS and financial analysis.

·         Experience in the usage of computers and Statistical & big data processing applications, MS Office packages. Advanced knowledge of spreadsheet and database packages.

·         Language Requirements: English (intermediate), Russian (fluent), Uzbek (fluent).

The following skills are advantages:

·         Ability and knowledge of conducting professional research and analytical reports.

·         Extended experience in mortgage loan financing

·         at least CFA level 1 or ACCA student

Ideal candidates will be with extensive research experience and work in the banking sphere in a past career.

Social package:

- Reimbursement of health-rehabilitation sport activity expenses.

- Medical health insurance.

- Reimbursement of professional educational expenses.

Ключевые навыки

Financial Analysis

Marketing Analysis


Market Research

Big Data Analysis

Analytical skills





Russian language - advanced

English - advanced

Uzbek language is native